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NAET - Allergy Elimination

Easily and Effectively Eliminate Allergies!!

Food, chemical and environmental allergies are becoming more and more common these days. They can lead to an array of symptoms causing us pain and discomfort, inconvenience us and take away from our overall quality of life. Elimination diets can sometimes lessen symptoms but often there are other hidden allergies at work, making complete recovery an ever elusive goal. Plus, it's no fun to have to say no to so many favorite foods or to stay indoors on a beautiful spring day because of pollen. Thankfully there is another option!

NAET, Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique, is a safe, gentle and painless way to diagnose and eliminate allergies. We all have energy pathways that run through our bodies and supply energy to our different organs. When these pathways are open and flowing freely they supply energy to our bodies which allows them to function the way they are meant to. When our bodies come in contact with a substance it perceives to be an enemy, or what we call an “allergen,” it creates blockages in these energy pathways. It is these blockages which create the symptoms we feel. These symptoms can be very different for each person. For some people it can be a typical hay fever or histamine response, for others it may be headaches, acid reflux, or different gastric disturbances. Others might get skin rashes, breathing difficulties, or hormone problems. These symptoms can vary greatly depending on the individual.

How NAET addresses these problems is by retraining the central nervous system not to react to these offending substances. Think of your brain like a computer. If you are reacting to things like grass, dust, milk or wheat, your computer has some misinformation about those substances. They are not actually harmful to you, but your body thinks of them as an enemy. We could say your computer has a “glitch” in it. Those symptoms are your body's way of trying to tell you it doesn’t like whatever that substance is. What we do with NAET is reintroduce that substance to your body in a way that lets it know the substance is not harmful. We fix the “glitch” instead of covering up the symptoms with medicine.

NAET can effectively treat allergies involving:

Seasonal inhalants

NAET can help with:

Acid reflux
Hormone imbalances
High cholesterol
and much more!

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